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Here’s Why Every Home Should Have kitchen rugs

kitchen rugs

Whether it’s a faded Oriental in the breakfast nook or a bold striped runner along the edge of an island, kitchen rugs always appear cozy in shelter magazines. There is more to the story, as there usually is with the ideal residences we glimpse on Instagram.

A rug in the kitchen is a contentious topic in the design community; some experts dislike the look because they think it’s filthy and stinky, while others like it. After all, it gives color and warmth to an otherwise drab, harsh room.

Uncertain of your position? These are the arguments on both sides of the issue and some critical information regarding kitchen rugs.

5 Reasons to Choose a Kitchen Rug for Your Home

Although many kitchens are made to be simple to wash down and clean, this might make the space feel a little empty. A rug in your kitchen can be a terrific way to give space personality and coziness. A rug’s hues can also go well with more subdued block hues in kitchen cabinets.

A kitchen rug will make any kitchen area feel cozier and more welcoming.

Quality kitchen rugs have much to offer any kitchen, regardless of the area or design you’re working with.

kitchen rugs

kitchen rugs

A rug distinguishes the zones of a multipurpose kitchen, dining area, and living space softens the hard floor where we spend a lot of time standing up, and looks great.

Here are the reasons why you should use kitchen rugs.

Bring life by using a pattern!

Wall-to-wall cabinetry leaves little space for art or other decors, giving the impression that the kitchen is impersonal. So why lay down a rug to provide texture and visual interest?

Which one should you pick: plain or patterned? If you’re a sloppy cook, a pattern will do much better to conceal stains and crumbs.

Warm up the dining area.

Using a dining room or kitchen rug, you feel cozier and more integrated.

It can define the area and draw attention to the dining table. Ensure it is at least 50 cm larger on all sides than the table.

Add some texture!

Ensuring a room has a fine texture increases the sense of comfort. Throws and pillows in the living room or bedroom may work. In the bathroom, a nice bathmat and coordinating towels may be. There are few possibilities for a rug in a kitchen, but one made of natural fibers will work just well.

Set up zones.

A large kitchen, dining, and living area may feel more organized and cohesive with some substantial visual zone definition. With a sizable rug in colors that complement the cabinetry and kitchen walls, you can delineate zones and separate the sitting area from the cooking and dining areas.

Make the kitchen appear more prominent.

Rugs can do clever visual tricks to improve your space, much as striped wallpaper can make a room appear taller or diagonally laid tiles can make it appear broader and more profound.

The kitchen appears longer because of the long runner that directs attention to the door.

Essential Things to Consider When Choosing a Kitchen Rug

Adding a rug to your kitchen may be a terrific way to bring color, texture, and comfort to the room, whether it’s a runner between the island and the cabinets, a little mat in front of the sink, or a full-size rug covering up the flooring.

Here's Why Every Home Should Have kitchen rugs

kitchen rugs

Since the area is so prone to spills and messes, it may seem counterintuitive to some people, but if you choose the appropriate kind of carpeting, it can improve the area without increasing your workload. These are some things to think about.

The size

The first step is to measure the area. The typical size of the rectangular mats you should use in front of your sink is 2 feet by 3 feet, but if you want additional coverage, you can tile them. If you’re looking for a runner, measure the length of the galley and deduct a couple of inches on the sides (at least three, ideal, but more like six) to leave room between the cabinets and the rug.

The same applies if you purchase a rug to cover the area. A good general rule of thumb is that the rug should cover the area of the dining table plus an additional three feet all around to keep the chairs on the rug when you move them in and out.

The material

Flatweave rugs are typically easier to clean than rugs with a giant pile, so they are generally the ideal option for kitchens. Because the fibers won’t absorb spills, rugs marketed as indoor-outdoor carpets are a fantastic choice. Nevertheless, cotton or a combination can be an excellent option for smaller rugs that fit inside your washing machine.

Wool is one of the simpler natural weaves to spot clean, and natural fibers like sisal or jute are also resilient and can be spot cleaned, but each will need more maintenance than a polypropylene rug. Before purchasing the rug, be sure you’re prepared to put in the work by reading the care instructions.

Your decorate

A rug has the advantage of being a reasonably inexpensive option to alter the room’s appearance. If you only need a pattern, pick one with a graphic design in the same colors as your kitchen. Go berserk with the color if you need it. In terms of style, you can either select an item that perfectly matches the mood or provide a contrast (for example, a casual rug in a more traditional kitchen) to steer the room in a different direction. A lighter-hued, solid-color rug is the one thing against buying since it will reveal stains more readily than a darker color or pattern rug.

Which Kind of Rug Works Best in the Kitchen?

Here's Why Every Home Should Have kitchen rugs

kitchen rugs

It might be challenging to decide which rug style is best for your kitchen with so many possibilities available. Here are some of our recommendations to get you started, even if choosing rugs is frequently a personal decision.

Washable rugs

Washable carpeting is an excellent option in the kitchen because cleanup is simple. You want a washable choice that can be put directly in the washing machine because accidents frequently happen in the kitchen. Look at these one-piece design possibilities.

Outdoor-Indoor Rugs

Food messes are commonplace because you prepare, cook, and plate food every day in the kitchen. Due to their stain- and spill-resistant fabrics, indoor-outdoor carpets are excellent choices for kitchens.

Natural Fiber Rugs

We frequently ask whether a natural fiber rug is appropriate for the kitchen and cautiously say “yes.” Natural fabrics like jute or wool can be spot-cleaned, but be careful not to drop a saucier pan of pasta sauce or pour a glass of wine on them. These rugs are more difficult to clean than the other alternatives we’ve advised. 

Rugs in Flatweave

It would be best if you choose a rug that is simple to clean for the kitchen. To achieve this, think about a flatweave rug instead of one with a heavy pile because it is more straightforward to clean. Kitchen spills are simple to remove off a flatweave rug with a moist rag or broom. To swiftly remove crumbs, you may even vacuum them.

3 Tips for Using a Rug in Kitchen

  • To ensure that the rug doesn’t move around while you’re working, if it doesn’t have a non-slip backing, set it on top of a non-slip rug pad. If you’re looking for a rug for the area in front of the sink, consider placing a thicker rug pad underneath it to provide anti-fatigue qualities and improve comfort while doing the dishes.
  • Size is among the most crucial factors when selecting a rug for your kitchen. Quickly note the room’s dimensions using a measuring tape, then make an educated guess as to how many floors you wish to cover.
  • A runner in front of the cupboards and sink makes sense if your kitchen has an island. Any narrow area is ideal for runners. Moreover, runners give the appearance of extra space in compact kitchens.

Final Thoughts

While not strictly necessary, kitchen rugs have some aesthetically pleasing and practical advantages.

The perfect kitchen rug may visually unify the space and provide a welcoming atmosphere.

By providing traction in high-traffic areas, a kitchen rug serves the practical purpose of lowering the danger of slip and fall accidents. To that purpose, take into account washable carpeting. They provide the best of both worlds in terms of comfort and cleanliness.

Choosing a kitchen rug is a method to make your area more unique, especially if you are renting and want to style your space without making many modifications.

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