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A Complete Guide to Washable Rugs

washable rugs

The demand for washable rugs has skyrocketed recently. It makes sense why since cleaning traditional rugs can be intimidating. After a spill, tossing your rug in the washing machine can free up much stress and allow you to enjoy entertaining without having to keep a close eye on your visitors.

Washable rugs are perfect for high-traffic rooms like the kitchen, dining room, bathroom, and more because when dirt accumulates, all it takes is one wash cycle to restore their brand-new appearance.Given that, it’s simple to see why families and pet owners find them so appealing. However, what precisely makes a rug washable? Why do some floor coverings require an expensive professional cleaning while you can throw others in the washer?

It’s simple to assume that all washable rugs will be pricey because they are less prevalent. Nothing could be further from the truth than this! Even though they aren’t typically promoted as machine washable, many modern and vintage rugs are great candidates. This article will teach you how to spotless expensive machine-washable rug designs that you might not have thought about before!

What Kinds of Rugs Can You Wash?

Many different materials, synthetic and natural, are available for washable carpets. In general, your rug should be washable if all of the components used to make it are! Popular materials for washable rugs include:

Make sure to examine ALL the materials used before washing your rug. Many rugs manufactured by machines have a jute backing. Jute is not suitable for washing machines because of its infamous ability to absorb water. Always read the rug’s care label before putting it in the washing machine. Try to get in touch with the maker if the label needs clarification. Being safe is preferable to be sorry!

washable rugs

Most rugs will have a tag attached that describes how to clean them. You can presume that your rug is not machine washable if it does not expressly state as such. You may experience problems if you place the incorrect rug in your washing machine, including color fading or bleeding (mainly if you use warm water), fabric damage, and disintegration (if you’re washing an old rug). The latter could make your carpeting appear crooked or uneven.

Different Types of Washable Rugs

Most machine-washable rugs are composed of synthetic materials so they can endure the washing cycle and agitation. You can also use wool, cotton, and other natural fabrics to make washable carpets, but they are typically more expensive.

Check below if you want to know whether your rug is washable!

Washable cotton rugs

When it comes to washable rugs, cotton is a classic material.

Remember that not you can’t wash all cotton rugs. See the word “washable” in the title, or get in touch with us to learn more. Remember that cotton rugs, like cotton clothing, might shrink in the dryer. Always let it air dry!

Washable Polyester Rugs

Printed polyester rugs are one of the most popular types of machine-washable carpets available now. Polyester is renowned for its remarkable affordability, soft, cotton-like feel, and durability. As previously explained, many polyester carpets feature cotton backings, which are acceptable for washing machines.

Polypropylene or olefin rugs

A synthetic fiber made of polypropylene is called olefin. It is renowned for being sturdy, colorfast, comfy, stain, mildew, and sunlight resistant. It is a trendy material for indoor and outdoor rugs because of all these factors.

What Are The Benefits of Washable Rugs?

Dirty shoes will come in contact with your beloved rug. Something from your kids might spill on it. It might get rolled on by your pets after a long day outside. Before you realize it, your brand-new carpeting has become a posh resort for allergens and a bacterial nursery.

A Complete Guide to Washable Rugs

Rugs can quickly and frequently become dirty; cleaning them can be complicated. In actuality, it’s often costly and time-consuming. For this reason, many homeowners select washable rugs for their interiors.

Your rugs might suffer damage from children, pets, and high traffic, especially in places like living rooms, bedrooms, nurseries, and playrooms.

For busy parents who also want their homes to look pretty, having the option to wash their carpets is such a nice bonus, they continue, adding that accidents typically happen when rather than if. 

More and more people prefer to spend their money on a rug that is simple to maintain and that, after a short cycle in the washing machine, can appear brand new.

Make the Most of Your Machine-Washable Rug

Even if you have a washable rug, you should only sometimes use the washing machine as your primary cleaning method. The tensions involved will eventually cause your rug to become damaged after numerous washing items. Clean up small spills between washes with spot-cleaning techniques. Every few months, when you need a more excellent refresh, throw it in the washing machine.

What are washable rugs prices?

A washable rug’s cost mainly depends on two variables. You must take the size of the rug into account first. A massive rug for your living room will be substantially more expensive than a tiny one for your doorway. How come? Well, making huge rugs takes more time and resources. The majority of rugs have a square foot or square meter price.

types of rugs

The substance is the second essential component. For instance, washable rugs made of organic materials like wool are significantly more expensive. Compared to a washable nylon rug of the same size, a medium-sized wool washable rug can cost upwards of $600.

Even washable wool rugs of the highest caliber and price are available from Shabahang Royal Carpet.

Key Takeaways

Washable rugs retain their appearance and don’t shed or deteriorate. An area rug may pick up a lot of dirt and dust over a year. Washable rugs can be washed frequently, making them the perfect option for allergy sufferers. Beauty should not be sacrificed for simplicity of maintenance.

Please visit the Shabahang Royal Carpet’s website –  to look at our washable rugs collection. Alternatively, you can keep reading our blog to learn about all the most recent developments in interior design and practical advice from experts to make your house feel and look beautiful.

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