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Bathroom rugs & 5 Things You Should Know About Them!

bathroom rugs

One of those popular home design concepts is a bathroom rug. For some people, it makes perfect sense to approach bathroom décor in the same manner that you may close the design of the rest of your house. Still, for others, the bathroom should remain separate from the rest of the house and be created appropriately for its intended use. This guide has all the information you need if you like the idea of a bathroom rug but are unsure how to use one in your house.

Why You Should Use Bathroom Rugs

Provide a new, comfortable surface with rugs to stand on in the bathroom. Your feet enjoy the comfort and warmth a tiled floor cannot provide. The final safe and comfy place for your feet will be on a rug in front of the vanity because you’ll probably be wearing nothing when you get ready for the day in the morning or bed at night. A bathroom’s hardwood floor can quickly become worn near the sink and shower. The floor will be shielded by a rug, increasing its longevity.

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Bathroom rugs also offer a non-slip surface next to fixtures with water, such as the tub and the shower.

The presence of a rug in your bathroom is highly recommended. You can use bathroom rugs in this space for a variety of things.

First, they enhance the bathroom’s design by complementing the shower curtain, towels, or any other soft fabric you may have there.

Bathroom rugs also give your feet a comfy landing spot directly next to the shower or bathtub and in front of the sink and mirror.

Finally, if the floor is damp, they absorb moisture and keep your feet from slipping.

Best Types of Rugs for the Bathroom

  • Wool rugs are an excellent option for bathrooms. These opulent fashion staples are weather resistant due to the lanolin found naturally in them. Although they can cost a little more than those made of other materials, they can last for many years if cared for properly!
  • Any area may use washable rugs, even the bathroom! You can bring home any style you like because our washable styles come in wool, shags, imitation cowhides, and a typical flat pile. We adore the concept of washables in the restroom, especially for people who observe untidy youngster bathtime. Throw your washable rug in the washer and dryer whenever dirt or a mess is made, and it will come out as clean as the day you bought it!
  • Cotton rugs are an excellent option for bathrooms and other areas with a lot of moisture since they dry quickly and are simple to clean. Cotton is an ideal material for bathroom carpets.
  • Comfort mats aren’t precisely rugs in the traditional sense; they give the bathroom a delightful, cozy touch. We adore setting these up next to the tub so you can rest your knees while bathing the kids or in front of a vanity or sink so you can provide some extra padding for your feet.

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Rugs made of natural fibers like sisal or jute would look great in a bathroom. The flat weave pattern is also excellent since it repels moisture and dust. Jute is a good material choice; some contemporary bath mats are made of it. Jute is a fantastic alternative if you want to design a bathroom in the Scandi style because it is a natural material and warm color that would go well with this style and brighten all-white bathroom furniture. However, Jute and sisal rugs are frequently wipe-clean only; avoid these options if you’d prefer a rug you can wash.

Best Material For Bathroom Rugs

The ideal substance for bathroom carpets dries quickly. Also, it should be simple to keep clean with a vacuum to eliminate hair, dust, and grime. Bathroom rugs made of cotton and Egyptian cotton are excellent. Cotton is strong and cleanable. To prevent mildew, it dries rapidly and feels comfortable underfoot.

What Differentiates a Bath Rug from a Bath Mat?

An absorbent, non-slippery pad called a bath mat is placed in front of the toilet or shower. Bath mats, commonly called pedestal mats, are less expensive than bath carpets.

bathroom rugs

On the other hand, bath rugs are plusher and more opulent accessories utilized for both their absorbent qualities and to glam up the bathroom.

Yet, as their primary purpose is the same, the two terms are frequently used synonymously to refer to the same item.

Benefits of Buying a Bathroom Rug

  • Cost – As bathrooms are typically smaller than other rooms in homes and are subject to more wear and tear than other rooms, they are a good choice if you like redesigning your home regularly. You may quickly modify the design of a rug easily and affordably. Bathroom rugs are a fantastic method to modernize your area without having to start removing tiles from the walls or call a plumber.
  • Stylish – Adding a rug to your bathroom is an excellent way to stand out. A well-kept bathroom rug could be a fashionable addition and a center of attention in your house. Adding a rug is a terrific option when you want to refresh your bathroom but don’t want to change the entire design.
  • Comfort – After a long day, walking out into a gorgeous, soft rug would be the only thing to make an excellent shower even better. This is one of the benefits of bathroom carpets that is most visible and well-acknowledged. It is perfect for a cold, hard tile or laminate floor, even if you don’t have a shower. Also, if your bathroom has tiles that are inappropriate for a damp environment, utilizing a rug is a terrific approach to lessen the possibility of slipping. But consider using an anti-slip underlay or picking a bathroom rug with a non-slip backing.

Tips to Consider while Using a Bathroom Rug

  • Rugs should not be the focus of a small bathroom if the floor is attractive. Instead, the rugs should serve as accents and be positioned as needed. 
  • A rug can separate your bathroom areas. A large rug, perhaps placed in the middle of a large bathroom, might be appropriate. Measure the size of your bathroom. 
  • Selecting a rug for your bathroom may seem difficult because not all rugs are suitable for a damp space. Instead of rugs requiring professional cleaning, think about carpets made of artificial materials you can wash. Choose an area rug made of a sturdy material that can withstand wetness and decide how many floors it will cover.
  • The space size and the fixtures’ location will dictate how many bathroom rugs you require. Rugs are frequently positioned in front of sinks. Instead of two tiny carpets placed side by side in front of a dual-sink vanity, a runner may look better.
  • It may not be practical to have a very large rug in the bathroom, especially if it is so big that it ends next to the sink, toilet, bathtub, and shower. To achieve this effect, use a rug that is tiny to medium in size.
  • The bather will need a rug to step on in the tub and shower stall. If you’re worried about sliding and falling from an exposed rug, search for rugs with non-slip backing. Bathroom rugs should be made of a material that dries quickly to prevent mildew growth or damage to non-tiled flooring.
  • Check it off your list if you don’t like having a rug in front of the toilet, but if you do, wash it frequently. This bathroom region needs special attention because it might contain more filth and germs than other areas.
  • Hang your rug up to dry if it gets damp. This may occur while taking a bath, if your shower leaks, or if you spill; It’s not a big deal! Hang your rug to dry, then place it back on the floor. If your feet are prone to water damage, this will help prevent mildew from forming within the rug’s fibers and will help safeguard them.

How can you make bathroom rugs non-slippery?

You may add non-slip properties to your bathroom rug in a variety of methods.

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The most typical method is to place a rubber-based anti-slip rug underlay underneath the rug. These rubber layers can range from less expensive, lower-quality rug pads that make the carpet stiff to more expensive, higher-quality padding.

Use Velcro strips below your bathroom carpets for a second method of making them non-slip.

Another effective method for holding bathroom rugs in place is rug tape. Instead of adhesive, this kind of tape adheres to the floor through its rubber backing.

The Bottom Line

Whether you like or dislike the concept of a bathroom rug, it’s evident that adding one is a fantastic way to modernize your area affordably. Now is the time to look through our rug collection to pick the ideal style for your bathroom.

Check out our Shop to find your dream rug and carpet!

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