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Our process consists of the following steps

After we thoroughly inspect your area rug

best way to clean a rug by hand
rug cleaning service
rug cleaning service
Step 1

Dusting the rug thoroughly

We use our Badger machine to remove any loose dirt, dust, and debris from the rug.

rug cleaning service
Step 2

Rinse thoroughly​

Before cleaning, we power rinse the rug thoroughly with clean water to remove any residue.

rug cleaning service
Step 3

Hand Washing

We have always used organic shampoos, water, and vinegar to clean area rugs for the past 43 years. The vinegar mixed with the water helps neutralize any dyes that may be susceptible to bleeding.

rug cleaning service
Step 4

Spot treat stains

For stubborn stains, we spot treat them with a mixture of water and vinegar or a specialized stain remover after cleaning the rug. Unfortunately, some stains may have caused an irreversible chemical reaction causing an altering of the original dyes.

rug cleaning service
Step 5

Rinse thoroughly

After cleaning, we rinse the rug thoroughly with clean water to remove any cleaning solution residue.

rug cleaning service
Step 6

Dry the rug

After your rug goes into our spinner we hang the rug to dry in a well-ventilated area.

area rug cleaning Northfield

Stain Removal

Our rug stain removal service at Shabahang Royal Carpet is dedicated to eliminating tough stains and restoring the original beauty of your rugs. We understand that stains can be a source of frustration, but with our expert team and advanced techniques, we ensure successful stain removal without compromising the rug's quality.

About Our Commitment

Welcome to our dedicated page for area rug cleaning, where we bring new life to your cherished rugs. We understand that your area rugs are more than just floor coverings; they are expressions of your personal style and a reflection of your home's beauty. Over time, however, these rugs can accumulate dust, dirt, allergens, and stains that diminish their vibrancy and allure. That's where our professional area rug cleaning services come in.

At Shabahang Royal Carpet, we take great pride in our expertise and knowledge of rug cleaning techniques. Our team of highly skilled professionals is trained to handle various types of area rugs, including Persian, Oriental, antique, and modern rugs. With a deep understanding of the delicate fibers and intricate weaves, we employ industry-leading methods to ensure your rugs are cleaned with the utmost care.

We believe that every rug deserves personalized attention. That’s why we begin our process with a thorough inspection of your rug, assessing its condition, fabric type, and any specific concerns you may have. This evaluation allows us to determine the most suitable cleaning approach, tailored to your rug’s unique needs.

Our state-of-the-art cleaning facility is equipped with cutting-edge technology and environmentally friendly products. We utilize a combination of gentle yet effective cleaning methods, including handwashing, steam cleaning, and specialized treatments for stain removal. Our goal is to extract embedded dirt, allergens, and contaminants while preserving the rug’s colors, patterns, and structural integrity.

Throughout the cleaning process, we remain committed to delivering exceptional results. Our team meticulously works on every aspect of your rug, paying attention to details and ensuring a thorough clean. We take extra care with delicate fringes, repairing or restoring them as needed. Once the cleaning is complete, we conduct a final inspection to ensure your rug meets our rigorous quality standards.

At Shabahang Royal Carpet, we are not just passionate about cleaning rugs; we are dedicated to providing an outstanding customer experience. We strive to exceed your expectations by offering convenient pickup and delivery services, transparent pricing, and friendly, knowledgeable staff who are happy to address any questions or concerns you may have.

Your area rug is an investment worth protecting, and our professional cleaning services help extend its lifespan while rejuvenating its beauty. 

Contact us today to schedule a consultation and let us bring back the vibrancy and freshness to your treasured rugs.

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