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We offer appraisal services and can help you determine the value of a rug you already have or one that you would like to purchase.

Our years of experience and expertise in the world of Persian carpets allow us to give you a fair assessment that will help you purchase with confidence.

Our educated and helpful staff will be happy to assist you. Buyingselling and appraising rugs is what we do every single day, and we are pleased to provide you with our knowledge and experience.

If you would like more general information about evaluating and appraising rugs and the different criteria that we use to determine the price then please contact us at your convenience.

Professional Rug Appraisal Services

Shabahang Royal Carpets has a staff of expert valuers and assessors who are there to assist you in appraising your rugs precisely. Whether you want to confirm the authenticity of a new rug you desire to buy or the one that you already possess, we are at your service to help you do an accurate rug valuation.

Detailed rug inspection

We will take time to do a thorough and detailed assessment for valuation and appraisal of your rug. No quick fixes are done here.

Determine true value as per current trends

Our experts are abreast with the latest market trends of rugs and carpets. This knowledge will help to ascertain the true worth of your rug.

Rug authentication

We provide services for confirmation of authenticity and origin of all types of rugs and carpets.

Factors we take into consideration for your rug value

Age : The older the rug, the greater the value. Many rugs that have been handed down through the generations and are no longer on the market are worth more since they are prized possessions.

Knotting : The value and quality of a rug increases with its knot density. Higher knot density rugs are more resilient and have a place in rugs of outstanding quality.

Material used : The first trim is used to make more costly rugs than the others. We also consider the fiber whether it’s natural or artificial during the process of rug appraisal and valuation.

Weaving technique : Hand woven rugs are definitely worth more than machine made rugs. So the technique and type of weaving also play a big role in the valuation process.

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