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How to choose a rug

How to choose a rug

Rugs are just like clothes for our house, so if you care about your decoration and want to know the tips to choose a rug, be sure to stay with us until the end of the article. Note that  choose and buy rugs just like choosing other objects requires a lot of care and attention is very important, so if you also want to know more about choosing a rug and want to know about your knowledge to rely on to choose a rug, what you need to know, and how these tips can help you, stay with us until the end of this article. Note that rugs are very important and because they work like flooring for your home, they must be of very high quality so that over time and after several years that you have stepped on them many times, they will keep their desired quality. Also, in addition to paying attention to the quality of the rug, you should also pay attention to other points related to the decoration and size of your desired rug, so that, God forbid, you do not have any problems in these areas.  Rugs have become a necessity for many people today and many people are interested in using them. However, if you are also interested in learning more about this relationship, try to read this article to the end.

How to choose a rug

To choose a rug, pay close attention to the size and design of the rug

One of the important points to choose a rug is that you should pay a lot of attention to the size of the rug. Note that a few centimeters difference in the dimensions of the carpets in the upper and lower parts is one of the main characteristics of hand-woven carpets, and you can ignore them and do not need to be too sensitive in this regard. note that when the two sides of the carpet are placed on top of each other, symmetry should be seen in all angles of the carpet, so you should pay close attention to these points when buying and to choose a rug. Note that color symmetry is also one of the important points when choosing a rug that should be considered in the woven shapes of the carpet. Also, the shapes should have a natural trend and not suddenly disappear in order to maintain the beauty of the carpet with them. Note that you should also be careful about the size of your home when buying a rug to get a rug that is the right size for your home and enjoy using those rugs in your home as much as you can.

pay close attention to the size and design of the rug

Look at the carpet in natural light and paying attention to its colors and making sure that its colors are consistent

Another important point to choose a rug is that you should examine the carpet from different angles in natural light. Note that the color of the carpets in the direction of their sleep is usually darker than the colors in the direction of the opposite of the carpet, so the lines of the carpet designs in the direction of the opposite of the sleep are more suitable for you. You should also be careful to choose a rug in the color of the carpet on its entire surface and pay attention that the color of the carpet is uniform and completely rich on the entire surface of the carpet and does not show duplication and color disorders in the carpet. Also, note that the color of the carpet should be rich enough as well as complete and the ends of the lint should not differ from the color of the surface of the carpet because this indicates that the carpet is painted with ink and does not have the necessary quality for you. You can make sure that the colors of the carpet are consistent and that the carpets do not have any problems by rubbing a damp cloth on that part of the carpet. So when choosing a rug and you need buy rugs usa, you should pay close attention to these small details so that you can choose a suitable rug for yourself and ensure its quality by carefully examining these features.

How to choose a rug

Check the texture of the carpet

Another important point to consider to choose a rug is that you must consider how it is woven. To check how the carpet is textured, it is better that you examine the carpet from the back because, in the back of the carpet, the texture quality is much clearer and clearer than the carpet. You can find out many points to choose a rug by examining the back of the carpet. You can measure specific information such as the number of knots, the density, and compaction of the wefts, as well as the uniformity of the design and accurate counting of knots per unit area with the help of a magnifying glass that is available in all carpet stores. With these tools, you can check the number of knots as well as the texture of the carpet much more carefully so that you can be as careful as possible to choose a rug so that you can prepare a suitable carpet for your home. Note that when counting the knots, try not to be too sensitive because one or two knots do not have much effect on the overall texture of the carpet and the probability of error is also very high.

Harmony with home decoration

Another important point to choose a rug is that you must make sure that the rug you are making is in good harmony with the other components of your home. Note that observing some principles in relation to choosing a rug and decorations, in addition to showing your taste, has a great impact on the durability, cleanliness, and appearance of as many carpets as possible. In this regard, you should pay attention to the factors of color, texture, and similarity as much as you can. For example, delicate silk rugs should not be placed in the dining room and children’s rooms. Suitable places for such carpets are usually library reception rooms and generally low-income places. Also note that to choose a rug, pay attention to the harmony of carpet colors with your furniture and curtains so that you can use a suitable rug as much as you can to bring beauty to your decoration. Also, to choose a rug for the living room and under the dining table, you should choose a rug that is at least sixty to seventy centimeters larger on each side of your dining table to give a beautiful look to your home. So, in general, choosing a rug for any part of the house has its own rules, and according to these rules, you should bring a suitable harmony for your decoration as much as you can.


In this article, we have tried to talk to you about the important points to choose a rug and we have tried to name the appropriate and useful points in this article for choosing a rug for you so that you can pay attention to them as much as possible.  buying a rug, just like any other purchase, requires knowing the points that if you want to specialize in this field, you must pay attention to the points we said so that you can buy a quality rug for yourself and when choosing a rug, have something to say so that you can buy a suitable rug for your home at a cost that you can, and with the knowledge you have, you can reduce the error rate as much as possible and use a quality product in your home.

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