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Advantages of using kilims

Advantages of using kilims

Covering the floor of the house means clothing your house and it is as important as clothing for you! You ask why? Well, the rugs and the carpets used in the house are what you step on so it is frequently in touch with you and it needs to be a good one. Kilims are the wool weaved rugs with the special types of patterns nowadays changed into one of the first options of covering the floor of the houses since it is a unique and traditional choice which brings prestige as well. Through this article we are going to read more about kilims and the advantages of having a kilim in your house and buy kilims for your room and house salon.

Advantages of using kilims

The article covers the following items

  • Difference between kilims and other types of rugs and carpets
  • How are kilims made?
  • Advantages of using kilims
  • Tips to maintain kilim for longer time
  • Conclusion

Difference between kilims and other types of rugs and carpets

Comparing kilims with other types of traditional rugs, kilims are usually made in thinner texture. It doesn’t mean that the knots are thin but it means that the diameter is less than other types. In other words, when the weavers try to tighten the knots as much as possible and cut the threads in shorter length. This makes a strong kilim with thinner diameter.

Kilims are mostly handmade. Although there are machine made kilims, we highly recommend you to buy a handmade kilim as it is with higher quality. But about other rugs, both handmade and machine made are with good quality (though handmade ones are more valuable).

The last but not the least difference is that the way of weaving a kilim (the knots) are quite different with other types of rugs. The way of weaving causes no piles on the kilim and makes it a flat floor covering.

How are kilims made?

Kilims are made in a frame of warp and weft (vertical and horizontal thread strings) with tight knots by the extra colorful threads. As it was mentioned, kilims are flat weave rugs which means there are no piles and when you step on a kilim, you won’t feel softness. This flatness is the consequence of tight knots and cutting the extra parts of the threads with special knives. At the end of each weaved row, the weaver presses the weft by a special tool called Dafé. This tool is used in all types of rug weaving but is more important in weaving a kilim.

At the end, once all the rows of the kilim are weaved, the weaver unties the kilim from frame and starts to cut the extra threads which make the kilim inconsistent. Now the kilim is ready to be used or sold.

Advantages of using kilims

Advantages of using kilims

Applying a cover on the floor of your house must have some special features. Kilims will bring all the needed features including:


Kilims are much lighter to carry than other types of rugs as they are flat. You can also put it anywhere in your house as it is in a smaller dimension so it is easily matched to any area.


Comparing kilims to other types of traditional handmade rugs, they are much cheaper but bringing the same custom feelings. You can simply outfit your house by $1000 with the most unique kilims.

Low maintenance

Many handmade rugs are sensitive in cleaning and the repairing will cost almost as much as a new rug. But kilims don’t need to be vacuumed and are repaired with a lower rate.


Kilims can be used as a wall hanging, floor covering, prayer rug, bags, shoes, saddle cover, etc. which means you can buy a kilim and use it a s wall hanging, when it got older put it on the floor, when some parts were damaged change it to a bag or any other accessories.

No allergy

As other types of rugs have piles, they could be allergic to sensitive lungs by keeping and spreading dust. But there are no allergic worries about kilims as there are no piles on them.

Tips to maintain kilim for longer time

Advantages of using kilims

If you want to have a well kilim you need to know how to clean it properly. The following tips will tell you how to maintain a kilim for a longer time while you clean it:

  1. Never vacuum a kilim as it doesn’t have piles little by little you will impact on the knots and it will cause tears after a few times of vacuuming.
  2. Use a sweeper to clean the dust on the kilim.
  3. If you need to wash the kilim, ask an expert to do it. Here in Shabahang rug gallery we offer washing rugs services.
  4. If you find a part of the kilim is going to have a hole, contact a repairman as soon as possible. The later you repair it, the more it costs and the longer it takes to be repaired. You can again contact us for repairing rugs and kilims.
  5. It is also okay to put the kilim in the washing machine just note that you should turn the spin off!


No matter how small or big your house is, kilims are the appropriate choice for every part of the house as they are easily matched with every furniture. You can simply use a kilim in bedroom, in kitchen or in living room and bring traditional feelings into your house with spending as little as possible. The best point of using a kilim is that whenever you get tired of it, you can change it to a bag or shoe and set it with your clothes for special parties!

In this article we tried to claim the differences between a kilim and other types of traditional rugs. We also mentioned how kilims are made and how to maintain a kilim for a longer time. Besides all, you read about the advantages of using a kilim in any parts of your house with any style. Hope you the article would be a useful piece of information.

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